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 Leadership Development ♦︎ Equity/Inclusion Training  
Event and Campaign Strategy ♦︎  Facilitation for Social Impact

Linked Fates Strategies links, lifts and leverages solutions to today's biggest challenges. We collaborate with businesses, organizations, and communities to advance campaigns, curate forums, provide facilitation and training, and offer strategic support. We build partnerships and help strengthen movements for an equitable and sustainable world.

The old world view which perpetuates inequality and disconnection is collapsing. We know that what befalls some will ultimately impact all. Linked Fates helps to usher in an emergent world view which honors our humanity and our future.

Principal, Alli Chagi-Starr, MBA

Alli has more than two decades working as a social impact strategist, cultural organizer, and diversity, equity & inclusion consultant. She has worked with world-class organizations, businesses, and community leaders to amplify the impact of initiatives for social transformation. Her super-power is linking together and lifting up the great voices and ideas of our times.


Alli served in leadership roles at Green For All, the East Bay College Fund, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, Living the Next Economy, and has helped to launch dozens of political, social, and bestselling book campaigns. Alli recently co-produced "Unfinished: Actualizing an Intersectional Antiracist Future" conference, and the international virtual event, The Impossible Summit. Alli has a BA in Cultural Organizing and an MBA in Business Innovation and Social Impact. 

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Training


We offer workshops and consultation for businesses, organizations, and community groups to create equity and values statements, build cultural competence, advance anti-bias understanding and practices, and build greater team cohesion and a sense of belonging.

Tailored Strategic Consultation


Get support for your local or national campaigns, book projects, events, and promotional activities. Individuals or organizations may schedule 1-2 hour consults as well as larger contracts for project planning and management supporting diverse teams and sectors.

Conference Curation & Event Strategy


We have produced and curated events for more than 25 years. We help you design memorable and action-oriented programs to uplift organizations and campaigns. We focus on social equity, the environment, business for good in-person or virtual gatherings. We also help you to engage experts and compelling speakers and artists.

Fun and Effective Group Facilitation


We offer meeting support, transformational group process, and retreat planning to help your team advance. We work with executives, community leaders, and creatives to develop branding and visioning sessions, and convene eclectic, multi-skilled groups to leverage and resource projects.

The Flock


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Tonya Ridgly

New World Network

"Alli is unstoppable. She is a powerhouse who has a gift of strategic know-how that brings attention to the details while holding the bigger vision to move things forward. She makes the hard work seem easy. As a team player, she is extremely generous in heart and will go out of her way to make sure everyone is seen and held. She naturally stimulates synergy. Her ideas seem limitless and always about empowering others. She is my #1 go-to whenever I'm launching a big project that needs a make it happen now heart-led initiative. 


Ian Haney López,

UC Berkeley Law

Informed by years of working with grassroots campaigns and progressive authors, Alli provided smart strategy for the launch of my book. Her passion for social impact and deep connections with diverse communities and leaders facilitated introductions to thought leaders locally and across the country. Alli provides the essential bridge between ideas and practice, scholarship and activism.


Van Jones,

Reform Alliance, CNN

Alli is one of the most committed and enterprising people with whom I have collaborated. Alli was one of a tiny handful of leaders who helped effectively launch the green jobs movement nationally. She is also a large part of why I have two books on the New York Times Bestseller list. Alli has a unique ability to create organizational wins, even in the most challenging of circumstances. She is a bold and resourceful team player, with a knack for relationship building, offering guidance and building thriving teams to deliver tangible results. Because Alli truly believes in people, she creates loyal partnerships and programs that uplift the whole organization. She offers a wealth of wisdom and experience to her peers.

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Rondy Isaac


I appreciate Alli’s support in launching my business in Oakland. She connected me with all the right people, and helped me craft my marketing materials. Alli is a great connecter and comes up with creative solutions.

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Susan Silber,

NorCal Resilience Network

"I have worked with Alli on a number of projects, and have nothing but deep admiration and respect for her. She was instrumental in bringing critical diversity strategies to the Permaculture Convergence, which brought much-needed and long-lasting changes to the annual conference. She also facilitated a day-long convening for community resilience changemakers, and I was impressed by her focus and easy-going but extremely professional manner, as well as her perseverence and work ethic. I highly recommend Alli as a convener, facilitator, events coordinator and collaborator."



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